After a very successful AGM, we are very pleased to announce that Caroline Overton is joining us as Secretary of the Trust, also Craig Beazley is joining us as Vice Secretary and media guru.
They both bring wealth of experience in different ways and will make the trust stronger. So a very warm welcome.
Also this year Tony Maycock stepped away from Trust Business due to his family commitments. We can say nothing but huge thanks and continual support, Tony has been very influential for many years with the trust.
James Swyer and Kerry Smith have both stepped aside, but remain involved in trust matters, again the respect we have for these amazing people is immense.
Peter Ive is remaining with Trust, Vice Chair / Treasurer, so Peter is becoming more involved. Thank you again Pete for your support.
Stuart Orchard is also remaining part of the Trust board, without profile.
So quite a few changes, it’s great that we have grown our family in the Trust Board, we are ready for our next challenge.
We have asked AFCB for another Board to Board, it will not be for a while for very obvious reasons but we will obviously update once we have more information.
The trust accounts are here,
Please accept these as final accounts to Dec 2019.Thank you for everyone’s support, we hope to be doing more things going forward. We will keep you informed.
Mark Dean
Chair Cherries Trust

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