Our Mission

The Cherries Trust main purpose is to represent and serve the best interests of all AFC Bournemouth supporters and to our best endeavours,fulfilling that role diligently and with integrity.

As a board we pledge:

  • To run the Trust transparently and democratically
  • To be a representative trust, where every member’s opinion is considered and treated as valid.
  • To canvass the views of members on a regular basis, and act in accordance with the majority opinion.
  • To ensure our Trust is open and accessible to every AFC Bournemouth supporter, irrespective of age, race, gender, sexuality or disability
  • To keep supporters informed to the best of our ability of all issues affecting AFC Bournemouth,and of communciations between the Trust and the Club
  • To maintain a constructive partnership with the board
  • To promote and nurture support for AFC Bournemouth and the club’s role within the surrounding community and with all supporters around the globe.